Your Discovery Flight at CTI Professional Flight Training

Discovery flight at cti

Is it time for your discovery flight at CTI Professional Flight Training?

If you’ve never flown before, but you think you’re ready to get in the cockpit, it’s time to book a discovery flight at CTI Professional Flight Training!

What is a discovery flight?

A discovery flight gives you a taste of being up in the clouds, accompanied by one of our instructors!  We frequently welcome visitors on their first discovery flight at CTI Professional Flight Training, and a number go on to complete their flight training soon after.

What happens on a discovery flight?

The first thing you can expect is a friendly welcome from one of our flight instructors (who will also be your pilot for the session!).  They’ll start off by outlining the flight ahead and will give you a pre-flight safety briefing.  Don’t worry – there’s not a lot to take in!

We make most discovery flights in our primary trainer – the Diamond DA20-C1 Eclipse.  We use this aircraft because of its easy-to-handle size and single engine, making it perfect for the novice pilot.

You’ll then climb into the cockpit with the instructor and prepare for take-off.  Of course, you’ll need to wear a seatbelt, and we’ll also give you a headset to wear.  The headset is designed to reduce the noise of the aircraft, making it easier for you and the instructor to communicate with each other.  We also use the headsets to communicate with the control tower and other pilots in the air.  You needn’t worry about other pilots hearing your conversation, though; the headsets have a push-to-talk function!

Will I be able to fly the aircraft?

Yes! Once the instructor has flown the aircraft to a safe altitude, you will get a chance to take the controls and fly!  Your instructor will guide you through every step and can show you basic maneuvers including turns, ascents, and descents.

If you’re not comfortable with taking the controls, that’s no problem.  This is your discovery flight, and if you’d rather just sit back, observe, and enjoy the view, that’s completely your choice!

Where will we fly?

You’ll probably be in the air for around 30 minutes, giving you an excellent opportunity to circle the skies around Millington or Fort Lauderdale (depending on which campus you’re visiting!).  Look out for local landmarks and, if you live in the area, even your house!  If there’s something specific you’d like to see from the air, ask your instructor.  As long as it’s in range and doesn’t breach any airspace restrictions, they’ll do their best to oblige.

What else should I prepare for?

You might experience a little turbulence here and there – and that’s completely normal.  You may also find yourself feeling a little airsick, in which case, don’t be embarrassed.  Most pilots experience a touch of nausea on their first few flights, and even some experienced pilots get it from time to time!

Also, don’t forget to look out for what else is going on around you at CTI Professional Flight Training.  You may see other students as they undertake their training and build their hours – which could be interesting if you’d like to train with us some day!

Whether you want to start your flying career or you simply want a one-off experience of taking to the skies, a discovery flight at CTI Professional Flight Training is just what you need!  So what are you waiting for?  Book your discovery flight today!

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