financing your flight trainingA guide to financing your flight training

One question prospective students frequently ask is whether we help in financing your flight training at CTI Professional Flight Training. Although we don’t provide direct financing or loans, we have several financing partners who can help. Here’s our quick guide!

We Fly

Ideal for: Students with a strong credit rating

Line of credit: $5,000-$30,000

How it works: With financing from We Fly, students can pull from the Line of Credit as they need to throughout their training. Your repayment plans and interest rates will vary according to your credit rating, so if you have good credit, We Fly can offer you some of the best rates and terms available for pilot financing.

You can also apply with a co-borrower, which could enhance your income tests and credit score.

Find out more: Get in touch with Alex Martin, the Aviation Program Manager (954-913-7871 /, or apply now.

Pilot Finance, Inc.

Ideal for: Students completing beginner or add-on training

How it works: As a private lending institution that specializes in financing private pilot flight training, this is a good option for beginner or add-on students. However, if you’re in the commercial pilot program, it may not be suitable for you.

Pilot Finance, Inc. will finance your training in stages, and each license or rating requires a separate loan. To apply for the next loan, you must have paid back at least 50% of your current one. Pilot Finance doesn’t defer repayment while you train, and repayment terms range from 18 to 72 months. Interest rates also vary between 12% and 18%.

Find out more: Write to Pilot Finance, Inc., 20101 Waukegan Road, Suite 101, Bannockburn, Illinois 60015-1836. Or you can phone – 800-667-0201 – or email

AOPA Aviation Finance

Ideal for: Working students who have an income, and are members of AOPA

How it works: Your loan rate will be based on your credit score and monthly income. If your credit rating is Excellent (700+) and you have no additional debt, your maximum qualifying loan amount is calculated by trebling your gross monthly income. If your credit rating is Good, you could be entitled to twice as much as your gross monthly income, and if your credit rating is Fair, you could qualify for the same amount as your gross monthly income.

Like We Fly, AOPA allows you to apply with a co-borrower, which could improve your income tests and credit score.

Interest rates vary, ranging from 9.49% to 15.24%.

Find out more: Write to AOPA, 421 Aviation Way, Frederick, MD, 21701, or phone 800-872-2672. Or, you can apply now.

At CTI Professional Flight Training, we firmly believe nobody should be held back from learning to fly, and with the help of our partners, financing your flight training is a viable option! So are you ready to apply for your next flight program? We’re ready to welcome you!

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