Many people spend a great deal of time searching for a way to make their wedding day different (in a special kind of way) and memorable. We believe Chris Bomar and Sarah Yackel have landed on a plan to accomplish both of those objectives.  Chris, from Drummonds, TN and Sarah, from Memphis, TN, will perform their nuptials July, 15, 2017 literally amongst the clouds – in an airplane.

Both Sarah and Chris loving flying and they own a Cessna C-172 hangered at the Millington-Memphis Airport. Therefore, an aviation-themed wedding was a great fit for their special day.   However, Chris admits that he “has a feeling that the ladies have planned a much bigger event than I was anticipating.”  To begin the service, his beautiful fiancé will walk down a mock taxiway in the hangar at CTI Professional Flight Training academy.  The doors will open and she will be greeted by the preacher, Chris, and a twin-engine plane that will whisk them away into the clouds.  As they circle the airport, they will say their vows, while their guests watch a live stream of the event in the hangar.  The couple will then return to the hangar to be announced and join the reception, which includes a shrimp boil and plenty of dancing.  As the night progresses the newly-weds will end the celebration with a garter toss and fire up the trusty C-172 to fly off into the night to their honeymoon.  It will truly be a day to remember.

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