Before you choose a flight school, it’s a good idea to ask some key questions. Of the flight schools accessible to you, which appear to have the best reputations for training and student care? Which school offers the type of flight training you have set as your goal? Let’s take a look at some other key questions and considerations to make before choosing the best flight school for you.

Not Sure About Your Aviation Goal?

Maybe you know you want to fly, but are not sure about in what context. No problem, the people you meet at the flight schools you visit may be able to help you decide. Many student pilots will figure it out as they go. Whatever your flying goals are, a good flight school will be able to help you match your goals with the best type of training programs and certification levels.

Some Pilot Certificate Examples

Earning a sport pilot certificate will require less total training than a private pilot certificate. However, it will limit you to one passenger and prohibit flight in some types of airspace. A private pilot certificate requires more training, but allows you to fly bigger, more powerful aircraft and frees you to enjoy more airspace.

Schedule and Learning Style

You need to consider your schedule and type of learning setting that will work best for you. Home study guided by an instructor works for some people. For others a classroom setting with flight training will be more appropriate. Some flight schools offer FAA-approved accelerated programs and full degree programs for the career minded aviator.

Visit the Flight School

On your visit a flight school representative will be able to explain what the school offers and how their programs would help you meet your goals. You may be able to meet instructors and ask questions. Make sure to tour the entire campus to see what kind of facility and technology they offer

Flight School Checklist

  • Check the school’s pilot training curriculum and flight operations procedures
  • Credentials of the school’s instructional staff
  • School’s safety records
  • The number and types of aircraft in the school’s fleet and availability for lessons
  • Classrooms, simulators and other learning aids
  • Length of time the flight school has been in business
  • How student progress is monitored
  • Insurance coverage details

Ready for a CTI Tour?

If you’re in the Memphis or Fort Lauderdale areas request a tour or discovery flight at either campus. CTI offers programs for private and commercial flying, college students, international students, and GI Bill students. Tour the campus and find out if a career in aviation is right for you!

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