Learn to fly: Why 2017 is your year

Learn to fly in 2017

Why should you learn to fly this year?

If your new year’s resolution is to learn to fly at CTI Professional Flight Training, you’ve made an excellent choice!  Want to know why?  Read on…

Flying gives you freedom and adventure!

Do you dream of sitting in the cockpit, with the freedom to fly anywhere you like?  Imagine it now…just you, the clouds, and your unlimited sense of adventure!  Well, learn to fly this year, and you could be on a cross-country flight this time next year.  You should be warned, though – once you make that first solo flight, you won’t want to come back down to earth. It’s addictive!

Anyone can learn to fly!

Male, female, young, old – learning to fly is one of those things pretty much anyone can do, and, even better, you can start at any point in life.  Aviators come from all walks of life, with some getting the flying bug in their teens, while others take their first flight in middle age.  It’s never too late to learn to fly – or get back into it.  And at CTI Professional Flight Training, we welcome students from around the world, as well as those from our own backyard.

You’ll meet lots of great people!

As aviation attracts people from a range of backgrounds, you can also look forward to the fantastic social side of learning to fly too.  Enjoy your own quiet company when flying solo, but once you’ve landed at the airport, prepare to meet some fascinating people and share your stories.  It’s a great way to make new friends; you’ll all have the flying bug in common but will also have the chance to learn so much more about each other.  Who knows?  You might even bump into a film star or two…

Widen your career opportunities!

In 2015, Boeing estimated that 28,000 new pilots are needed every year to satisfy a growing demand in the aviation industry.  So by learning to fly this year, you won’t just have an unforgettable adventure – you could open the door to a successful career as a commercial pilot!  And by training at CTI Professional Flight Training, you’ll achieve all the qualifications you need to gain employment as a professional pilot in the USA.  So what are you waiting for?

There really is no better time to learn to fly, and we’re looking forward to welcoming you!  Whether you have any questions or you’re all ready to book your first taster flight, just get in contact today.  As they say, carpe diem!

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