Liberty University FTA Program

Liberty University FTA Program

Fly and study with the Liberty University FTA program

Did you know the Liberty University FTA program lets you learn to fly with us and earn your college degree at the same time?

As one of 47 flight schools affiliated with Liberty University’s School of Aeronautics, we’re helping make flight training and study accessible to all.  The Flight Training Affiliate Program means you can study online for your BS Aeronautics while learning to fly at our Tennessee or Florida campus.

Based in Lynchburg, Virginia, Liberty University has 90,000 online students enrolled in study, and is now offering the same path for students of Aeronautics.

The course originally opened to pilots who were already in the industry but had never earned a college degree.  But now, entry has been extended to those who have never flown before, by supplementing school study with flight training with us!

Benefits of the Liberty University FTA Program

The online program means you can study for a BS Aeronautics degree, even if you aren’t local to a university that offers an Aeronautics program.

Similarly, for those with busy schedules, online studying means the program works around you – not the other way round.  This means you can work full time, learn to fly with us, and complete your studies simultaneously!

This turnkey package of flight training and a degree program opens the doors to those who want to fly and study.

Bonuses for students

By studying with Liberty University, you get all the assistance you need from specialist staff, who will help you handle anything from the application and transcripts to grants and financial aid.

And by learning to fly with us, you can rely on expert, professional training from our friendly team of instructors!

As a college student, you will also be eligible for a book stipend and housing stipend, helping you manage costs as you study and learn to fly.

Veterans are also encouraged to study and train – and the best news for them is they won’t have to pay a penny to do so!

Pilots are an increasingly elite group, with 558,000 more needed in the next 20 years.  Learning to fly today while earning your degree will give you everything you need for a successful career in the future.

So what’s stopping you?  Get in contact today to find out more, or check out Liberty University’s website to get started.

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