Fleet Feature: The Redbird FMX


The Redbird FMX

Ever wondered how CTI students prepare for their first flight in the air?  Chances are they’ve already had quite a bit of practice in a Redbird FMX – without even leaving the hangar!

The Redbird FMX is an essential part of any pilot’s training at our Millington flight school.  This full motion advanced aviation training device (AATD) helps our students perfect their flying skills from the safety of the ground.  In fact, it’s so impressive, over 20 flight agencies have approved it, including the FAA and EASA.

How it works

The Redbird FMX can be configured to replicate a number of aircraft, so we use it to replicate the integral airplanes in our training fleet – the Diamond DA20 and DA42.  Our students can begin to familiarize themselves with the cockpit’s controls before they make that first take-off in real life.

You might think it’s quite a challenge for a flight simulator to recreate real flight experiences – but that’s not the case for the FMX.  It comes with an electric motion platform and wrap-around visual that create a very realistic training environment. The 3-axis platform has a total pitch movement of 50°, a total yaw movement of 60° and a total roll movement of 40°.  No flight simulator feels exactly like a real plane, but the Redbird FMX certainly comes close.

Redbird FMX’s beginnings

Redbird Flight Simulations, based in Austin, TX, was created by flying enthusiast and former executive of PepsiCo and Dell, Jerry Gregoire.  He came up with the idea of creating his own flight simulators after training in a $10,000,000 model one day.  Gregoire knew he could build better ones for less – and he did!

The ability to configure the FMX to simulate any plane is what makes it stand out.  Everything from the sticks to the entire instrument panel is interchangeable, making the FMX one of the most flexible flight simulators around.  Our Redbird FMX is personalized on the outside too.  Finished in CTI PFT’s colors and with our logo on the side, there really is no other flight school with an FMX like ours!

Growing student confidence

So it looks great and is exciting to ‘fly’, but the Redbird FMX is about so much more than just that.  Research has found that pilots who learn in a device that provides accurate motion feedback – like the FMX – make a quicker transition to real aircraft.  By already having a better understanding of what it feels like to fly, our trainees have a better touch on the controls and are less anxious about their first time in the cockpit.

For more on the Redbird FMX, see it in action here and read what our students say about it!

The Redbird FMX is just one more feature that sets CTI PFT apart from other flight schools.  If you’re ready to start training with us, why not get in touch?  You may be ‘flying’ the Redbird FMX sooner than you think!

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