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5 New Planes to Watch For

It’s hard to beat the buzz the original jumbo Boeing 747 generated when it was first announced. The launch of the 747 was the launch of mass tourism across the Atlantic. Many aviation insiders are saying that the latest jets coming off the assembly line may not set themselves about by looks like the early…

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Fleet Feature: Diamond DA42 NG

Diamond DA42 NG

The Diamond DA42 NG If you’re completing your commercial multi-engine license or your multi-engine add-on at CTI PFT, you’ll get the pleasure of flying our Diamond DA42 NG.  This fantastic aircraft is a popular choice for flight schools and owners alike, and you’ll find it at both our Tennessee and Florida campuses. The Diamond DA42…

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Buying a used aircraft: our top tips

Buying a used aircraft

Top tips for buying a used aircraft Buying your first airplane can be a daunting process, but you can go about it the right way with our top tips for buying a used aircraft. Check you can afford it first The cost of an aircraft doesn’t just mean the price you pay for it.  You…

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