It’s hard to beat the buzz the original jumbo Boeing 747 generated when it was first announced. The launch of the 747 was the launch of mass tourism across the Atlantic. Many aviation insiders are saying that the latest jets coming off the assembly line may not set themselves about by looks like the early icons but will be just as impactful. Let’s take a look at some of the newer airplanes that you might find yourself piloting someday. 

Airbus A220

The Airbus A220 is a rebranding of the Bombardier CS300 series. The buzz is that domestic coach flights are about to get a lot more comfortable. Both the seat size and the seating layout are expanding. Two windows at each row and larger overhead bins combat cabin fever. The A220 also is more fuel efficient which opens up the door for new routes. Expect to see the Airbus A220 before the end of this year.

Embraer E2

Boeing’s recent partnership with Embraer has produced the E2, and extension of the Brazilian jet maker’s popular regional jet line. The E2 carries the same number of passengers and has many of the same upgrades as the A220, if not more. So far, airline customers include China’s Hainan airlines, Brazil’s Azul, and Norway’s Wideroe.

Boeing 777X

Slated as a true successor to the 747 is Boeing’s newest version of the 777. The 777X is the biggest and best with a capacity to seat 406 passengers. The standout feature is a unique folding wing that bends up at a right angle allowing the widebody to fit into tight docking spaces at airports. Look for the 777X sometime in 2020.

Airbus A350-1000

Qatar Airways will configure the A350-1000 to add an additional ten extra business class seats and 34 coach seats for a total of 327 passengers. They are also promising the jet’s interior features will enhance passenger comfort with the “lowest twin-engine noise level of any aircraft.” With the ability to fly 9,000 miles without stopping you’ll likely find this plane on the Singapore to Newark 19 hour nonstop run. 

Boom Supersonic

Ready to fly from Tokyo to San Francisco in less than six hours? Denver-based Boom is poised to produce the first supersonic jet since the Concorde was retired more than 15 years ago. The company aims to deliver its first aircraft to an airline as early as 2025. Japan Air, an early investor, has the option to buy up to 20 of the 55-passenger airliners which fly at just over twice the speed of sound – Mach 2.2.

Ready to Fly the Jets of the Future?

Passenger jets of the future are getting more comfortable for passengers and captains alike. If you ever imagined yourself in the captain’s chair of a 777 now is the perfect time to get started with a career in aviation. Demand is high, the pay is great, and the technology is amazing. Contact us today to learn more about CTI’s flight training programs.

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