Is There Really a Pilot Shortage?

You’ve may have read on this blog and across other outlets that there is a global pilot shortage. The reason you keep coming across these articles is because it’s a reality, and especially in business aviation. This is a topic worth revisiting and understanding, especially if you’re thinking about starting a career in aviation. Having…

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The Typical Pilot Personality Profile

Is it true that commercial pilots have common personality traits?  A 2004 report out of NASA’s Langley Research center revealed that they do. The study took 93 commercial pilots and evaluated their personality type. The test was conducted using a personality assessment known as the NEO-PI-R. It stands for NEO-Personality Inventory-Revised. The test looks at…

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The world’s pilot shortage is still on the rise

pilot shortage is still on the rise

The pilot shortage is still on the rise: what could this mean for you? The news that we have fewer pilots than demand requests comes as no surprise, but did you know that the worldwide pilot shortage is still on the rise? Experts predict that, once a rising number of retiring pilots is taken into…

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