The world’s pilot shortage is still on the rise

pilot shortage is still on the rise

The pilot shortage is still on the rise: what could this mean for you?

The news that we have fewer pilots than demand requests comes as no surprise, but did you know that the worldwide pilot shortage is still on the rise?

Experts predict that, once a rising number of retiring pilots is taken into account and the rapidly increasing demand for air travel is factored in, the world will need 14,000 new recruits to join the profession by 2026. That’s just seven-and-a-half years away!

Moreover, the pilot shortage was originally expected to hit Asia the worst. However, the impact is now quickly proving to spread to the USA and Europe.

And recently, experts have suggested that the greatest need for pilots will be within regional airlines. This is because, as pilots retire from major airlines and demand soars, those major airlines recruit up from regional airlines. This leaves regional airlines not only struggling to fill positions after their own pilots retire, but also facing the fact that their younger recruits are being tempted off to join the bigger players in the field.

What could this mean for you?

The great news is, if you’re reading this blog post, you’re either currently training as a pilot or interested in becoming one. And as the world’s pilot shortage is still on the rise, you can expect to be in high demand with commercial airlines – regional, national and international – once you qualify as a commercial pilot.

With the demand for pilots soaring, you couldn’t be joining the profession at a better time. After all, with 14,000 recruits needed in under eight years’ time, the industry needs you to meet the ever-increasing demand from passengers.

Ready to get started?

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