Is There Really a Pilot Shortage?

You’ve may have read on this blog and across other outlets that there is a global pilot shortage. The reason you keep coming across these articles is because it’s a reality, and especially in business aviation. This is a topic worth revisiting and understanding, especially if you’re thinking about starting a career in aviation. Having…

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Pilot Shortage Provides Opportunity

The Federal Aviation Administration reports there were about 827,000 pilots in America in 1987. Over the past three decades, the number has dropped by 30%. During the same time period, the demand for air travel has dramatically increased. A classic case of low supply and high demand has created the perfect opportunity for high paying…

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The world’s pilot shortage is still on the rise

pilot shortage is still on the rise

The pilot shortage is still on the rise: what could this mean for you? The news that we have fewer pilots than demand requests comes as no surprise, but did you know that the worldwide pilot shortage is still on the rise? Experts predict that, once a rising number of retiring pilots is taken into…

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Learn to fly now for a career in aviation

Learn to fly now

There’s no better time: learn to fly now If you’ve been thinking about a career in aviation, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t learn to fly now. Whether you’re still in school or college and thinking about your future career path, or whether you’re already in the world of work and are looking for a…

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