The World’s Smallest Airports

While some airports have received attention for their massive size, the other side of the coin is interesting as well. There are small airports and then there are super small airports, that some might argue are more akin to landing strips than airports. In this article, we’re going to take a look at some of the smallest airports in the world and let you be the judge.

1. Charles Kirkconnell International Airport

This small airport is located in the Caribbean. To many traveler’s surprise it’s quite comfortable. Here travelers can enjoy air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and outdoor observation deck, and a bar-restaurant. Today, the airport services four daily flights on its single runway.

2. Moshoeshoe International Airport

Servicing the Kingdom of Lesotho, this small airport has only two runways. The airport is technically designated as an international airport, but the only non-domestic flights taking off are to Johannesburg.

Mission Aviation Fellowship and South African Airways are the two airlines that service the small airport. Sitting at an elevation of nearly 5,000 feet, the airport offers a bar, restaurant, and gift shop. The shortest of the two runways comes in at about 3,000 feet.

3. Juancho E Yrausquin Airport

Juancho E Yrausquin Airport services the small Dutch island of Saba in the Caribbean. The airport features one runway that is recognized as the shortest commercial runway in the world coming in at just under a quarter-mile. For perspective, the runway is only slightly longer than a typical aircraft carrier and is so short that jet aircraft cannot land due to fears they might overshoot the strip and land in the ocean. Windair is the sole airline serving the airport, operating two daily flights to nearby Saint Eustatius and Saint Martin, which can be reached by plane in less than 15 minutes.

4. Luang Prabang Airport

This small airport is located in Laos and serviced by Lao Airlines, Bangkok Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, and Tonlesap Airlines. The airport features a single runway that must be shared by all the airlines. Travelers flying in and out of the airport can enjoy a restaurant and shopping facilities.

5. Morgantown Municipal Airport

This airport primarily serves general aviation. However, there is one commercial airline that connects the area to Washington Dulles International Airport. The airport offers a restaurant, free coffee, parking, and Wi-Fi. The single runway comes in at less than 2,700 feet.

6. Barra Airport

This small airport is located in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. The airport is served by Flybe and has three runways. One of the runways is the only beach runway in the world capable of handling scheduled flights. The shortest runway is only 680 meters.

Even though the airport resembles little more than a hut on the beach, it offers car rentals, parking, and public transportation services. Flight times are based on the tide, so the airport is only open Monday through Saturday for a maximum of 2.5 hours each day.

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