When people think of industries with job shortages aviation is not one of them. The need for jobs in the aviation industry continues to increase. While there are plenty of openings at commercial airlines, many looking for jobs are overlooking the job available in the private aviation industry. The following is a look at the top leading private aviation career opportunities to pursue.


The pilot shortage is still a problem in the private aviation industry. Flying magazine reported that each year many business aviation companies have to cancel hundreds of flights due to lack of qualified pilots. Many companies are filing for bankruptcy because of the shortage. Because of the increasing need for business aviation pilots, salaries are starting at $60K with $20K signing bonuses. 

Aircraft Manufacturing Engineers/Techs

The first step to becoming an aircraft mechanic or engineer is earning your bachelor’s degree in aviation technology or aviation maintenance management. Aircraft technicians perform tests and troubleshoot equipment and other systems. As a manufacturing engineer, you’ll develop various types of aircraft systems and programs and meet production quotas. These careers have a median salary of $55K.

Air Traffic Controller

This career requires you to control and monitor the flow of aviation traffic following federal law. You’ll be coordinating the arrival and departure of all aircraft at your airport tower. You’ll communicate to pilots relaying weather reports and guide them by using radar and aviation computer equipment. The median salary for an air traffic controller is $122K.

Airport Operation Manager

The airport operations manager is responsible for overseeing all airport operations. This includes business and personnel management, and public relations. It includes communicating with air traffic control, pilots, emergency crews, and the public. You’ll need to be able to keep a detailed record of every single operation. The salary for airport operation manager can start at $57K depending on experience and airport location.

Flight Attendants

A college degree is not required to work as a flight attendant. Flight attendants work in the cabin of a passenger aircraft and tend to the needs of all passengers ensuring that their flight is a pleasant experience. They conduct pre-flight inspections and demonstrate safety and emergency equipment, serve meals, snacks, and small beverages. The median salary for a flight attendant starts at $37K.

Ready for a Pilot Career in Business Aviation?

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