Top global airlines to work for 2016

Top global airlines

Last month, we gave you a rundown of the top flight companies to work for in the US.  But for those of you looking to work further afield, check out this list of the top global airlines to work for.  Whether you’re learning to fly at our Tennessee campus or our Florida campus, a job application at the end is inevitable – so it’s important to plan ahead!

This list has been drawn from information from, Forbes, and Indeed.


Based in Dubai, Emirates is the largest airline in the Middle East, employing over 50,000 people and operating over 3,300 flights to destinations in 78 countries every week.  Emirates is committed to recruiting the best, but offers much in return, including a modern working environment in Dubai.  Pilots can look forward to desirable lifestyles in this popular city, including a tax-free salary and other benefits.

Air Canada / Air Canada Rouge

Proud to be the only four-star international network carrier in North America, Air Canada operates flights to over 190 destinations across five continents.  This year, Glassdoor listed Air Canada as one of the best places to work, with full health and travel benefits for employees, and a commitment to support employee growth.  Finally, Air Canada staff report a fair work/life balance – very important for commercial pilots!

Turkish Airlines

The world’s fourth-largest carrier in terms of destinations, Turkish Airlines flies to 280 cities across Asia, Europe, the Americas and Africa.  Headquartered in Istanbul, the airline employs over 20,000 staff which help to carry its 54.7m customers per year.  Turkish Airlines is proud of its commitment to professional development, with a wide range of opportunities available to staff as they progress through their career.


Germany’s largest airline, Lufthansa serves 215 destinations across 78 countries and is headquartered in Cologne.  In terms of employee satisfaction, Lufthansa rates very highly; it involves its staff in profit sharing schemes, is reported to offer an excellent work culture and work/life balance, and also offers flexible work contracts.

Etihad Airways

The second-biggest airline in the United Arab Emirates and the nation’s flag carrier, Etihad is based in Khalifa City, Abu Dhabi.  One of the youngest carriers on this list (it was only created in 2003!), Etihad has grown very quickly, now operating over 1,000 flights per week to 120 destinations worldwide.  Thanks to its passenger arm, cargo company and holiday businesses, Etihad offers a wide range of opportunities for candidates across the aviation industry.

Has this list of top global airlines to work for inspired you to fly?  Start your journey with us at CTI PFT – who knows where it may take you!

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