reasons to train at cti pft for international students

Reasons to train at CTI PFT for international students

If you’re not from the United States but you’re thinking about learning to fly here, check out our top reasons to train at CTI PFT for international students!

Internationally recognized training

By learning to fly in the United States, you’ll learn all the basics to become a pilot anywhere in the world.  CTI Professional Flight Training’s Professional Pilot Training Program meets the requirements for you to be legally employed as a US commercial pilot.  You can also build hours with us after graduation to qualify for jobs in other countries too!

Learn English quickly

There’s no quicker way to learn English than to live and train in an English-speaking country.  This total immersion will give you the internationally required proficiency level you need to work around the world.

FAA-approved flight school

Not all flight schools can offer training under a student visa, but we can, because we’re an FAA-approved Part 141 flight school!  This means you can rely on our professionalism, structure, and expertise to learn everything you need to know to get your license.

Great job opportunities

As well as qualifying to work as a pilot in the US and beyond, you could even go on to become a flight instructor with us!  We often hire our students as instructors, giving you more employment opportunities than other flight schools.

Specialist program for students from India

With our exclusive training partner in India – HM Aviation Pvt. Ltd. – we offer a specialist program designed to comply with DCGA regulations.  This means you will meet the requirements needed to work as a commercial pilot in India, straight after graduation.

Advice on finance

We can point you in the right direction if you need financial assistance for your flight training.

Assistance with your student visa

We can help you complete all the necessary steps to come and train with us.  You will need an M-1 student visa, and any accompanying members of your family will need an M-2 visa.   We are experienced in both applications and can answer any questions you might have.

Great locations

Whether you learn to fly at our Tennessee flight school or Florida flight school, you can guarantee an awesome location, outstanding facilities, and expert instructors.  The US is a great place to learn to fly, thanks to its temperate climate, cheap fuel, and no aviation user fees. So what’s stopping you?!

Find out more reasons to train at CTI PFT for international students on our Millington flight school  and Fort Lauderdale flight school pages.

Don’t forget – you can arrange a tour of any of our facilities in advance, or, if you’re ready to apply now, we’re ready to hear from you!

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