Whether you’re an experienced pilot or just learning to fly, flying clubs are an affordable way to get more time in the sky. A flying club is a nonprofit member-run organization that provides members with affordable access to aircraft. Flying is can be an expensive hobby, but flying clubs pool resources to create more opportunities for pilots.

Save Money

The biggest draw to joining a flying club is the affordability. Flying clubs ease the cost of owning and maintaining your own aircraft. Flying clubs are member-owned and operated, so all costs associated with membership are used to benefit members instead of generating a profit. Most clubs charge a membership fee to join, along with monthly dues and hourly flying rates. Dues are usually used to cover aircraft maintenance and repairs, fuel, insurance, hangar use, and admin costs.

Fly More Types of Aircraft

Joining a flying club may allow you to fly a variety of aircraft. Flying different types of airplanes is a great way to experience and improve your piloting skills. If you’re thinking of purchasing your own aircraft someday, joining a flying club can help you find an aircraft that’s right for you.

Challenge Yourself

A flying club environment encourages members to continue to pursue new ratings and refine their flying skills. Flying clubs are open to pilots of all skill levels and provide opportunities for more experienced pilots to mentor your pilots. Some flying clubs have established relationships with certified flying instructors who help provide training and instruction for their members.

Shared Responsibility

Another great benefit of joining a flight club is that maintenance and upkeep are included in the cost of the membership. Most flight clubs will appoint members as officers to oversee the routine maintenance, record-keeping, repairs, and annual inspections. Sharing responsibilities help reduce costs and time commitments of owning an aircraft.

Connect with Other Pilots

A flying club helps to create a sense of community.  Joining a club connects you to a network of people that share your interests and passion for flying. Many clubs organize social events and activities outside of flying as well.

Interested in Upgrading Your Piloting Skills?

Whether you’re in a flying club or not, you probably are a pilot or are interested in becoming one. CTI can get you started on the path joining a flying club, or a career in aviation. If you already have some pilot certifications but are wanting to upgrade your certs and open doors for more challenging flights and bigger aircraft CTI has the programs to make it happen. Book a tour at either our of two campuses and find out what we can do for you.

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