Diamond DA20-C1 Eclipse photo

The best single-engine aircraft – great for new flyers!

When it comes to learning to fly, you want to know the best single-engine aircraft out there – so we’ve compiled a list for you. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to buy your first plane, here are our top choices to help you take to the skies!

  1. The Diamond DA20-C1 Eclipse

What makes the Diamond DA20 so unique? After all, it’s been in production for over two decades and has amassed a steady string of fans all over the world. Maybe it’s the great handling which makes it such a strong primary trainer. Or perhaps it’s its durability and low running costs. Or, of course, it could be its sleek and sporty appearance that has led it to be dubbed ‘your favorite sports car [with] wings!’ Whatever it is, the Diamond DA20 has got to feature on a list of best single-engine aircraft. In fact, we’re so impressed with it, you’ll find it at both our Florida and Tennessee campuses, training all our new pilots!

  1. The Cessna Corvalis

There’s a reason why the Cessna Corvalis is such a popular model – and it’s because it’s fast! Also known as the Cessna 400 TTx, the Corvalis offers more speed than any other aircraft in its class. With a cruising speed of 270 mph and a range of 1200 miles, it’s no surprise that the Corvalis remains in high demand. And with four seats, it’s ideal for carrying passengers – an added bonus for this superb aircraft.

  1. The Piper Arrow

Known as one of the best complex trainers on the market, the Piper Arrow is the best single-engine aircraft for pilots who want the combination of automatic landing gear (reducing the risk of landing with wheels up) and a powerful engine. Still popular 50 years after it was first made, the Piper Arrow is a favorite among both new and experienced pilots. Come and fly one for yourself at our Florida flight school!

  1. The WACO Great Lakes 2T-1A-2

The WACO Great Lakes is a cult classic, with the appearance of a 1930s biplane yet all the comfort and handling of something much more modern! This open-cockpit aircraft is perfect for aerobatics (which is why we use it to train our Tennessee students in upset prevention and recovery training). It comes with a real sense of period charm – making it the perfect flyer for pilots who want to turn a few heads when they land on the next runway.

  1. Mooney M20

Another aircraft which has been a long-term favorite with fans, the Mooney M20 has been popular since it was first sold in 1955. This classic little plane used to feature wooden wings, but (fortunately!) these were replaced with metal wings later in production. Again a four-seater, the Mooney M20 is another ideal choice for pilots who want the room for additional passengers.

There are so many great single-engine aircraft out there, this list can only provide a snapshot! Why not come and fly some for yourself at CTI Professional Flight Training? Whether you’re near Memphis or Fort Lauderdale, we’ve got the perfect aircraft to get you off the ground. Get in touch today to find out more!

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