Airlines To Put Pilots in a “Spin” in New Training Initiative


The latest trend in training pilots to fly commercial jets features the practicing of extreme maneuvers in small, propeller-powered aircraft. Using a technique that was unheard of until very recently, many carriers such as Delta and South African Airways are sending their most experienced flight instructors back to flight school to learn how to recognize and recover from airborne upsets.

These efforts are part of a world-wide trend to step up upset recovery and stall training. This has been prompted by a series of deadly accidents that have raised concerns about an erosion of manual flying skills in the cockpit. Although stalls are a rare occurrence for a commercial aircraft, requirements for stall training have come up many times before to better prepare for these occurrences.

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  1. Eva on January 12, 2018 at 5:52 am

    Flight training consists of a combination of flight lessons given in the aircraft or a simulator and ground school, where theory is learned in preparation for the written examinations.

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