Business Jets 101: A Brief Guide to the Most Popular Manufacturers

When it comes to the luxury of business jets, there are endless options to meet any consumer’s needs. From light, single-pilot options like the HondaJet to the large cabin options made by Gulfstream, the diverse designs on the market can be tailored to suit the needs of any operation. Whether you’re looking to charter a jet for the weekend or purchase a plane for business, no doubt there’s a manufacturer designing the perfect aircraft for your unique needs. Here’s our list of some of the most popular and trusted manufacturers of business jets in the skies today. 


By Rob Hodgkins – G-ULFS Gulfstream G650 CVT 05-05-16, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Since the 1950’s, Gulfstream has produced some of the most luxurious and beloved business jets on the market. The cutting-edge G800 offers the longest range of any business jet on the market. Along with popular models such as the G700 and the G650, Gulfstream’s fleet offers stunning interior design and advanced cockpit technology. 


By Alf van Beem – Own work, CC0,

From short hops to oceanic crossings, Cessna produces a diverse catalog of jets to suit anyone’s needs. The popular line of Citations, from the single-pilot CJ series to the large cabin Latitude, is one of the most recognized names in business aviation today. The Wichita-based company is consistently turning out new and increasingly efficient models, continuously improving upon already tried-and-true designs. 


By Maarten Visser from Capelle aan den IJssel, Nederland – OH-WII CL604 pvt, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Boasting popular models for long-haul flights such as the Challenger and Global, Bombardier’s products are a favorite of many jet enthusiasts. After acquiring the popular Learjet company several decades ago, the manufacturer’s fleet became one of the most diverse on the market. The last Learjet was produced by the company in 2021.


By Peter Bakema – Photo page, GFDL 1.2,

With an exceptional fleet of the luxurious Falcon series, Dassault offers a variety of options for long-haul flights, employing both maximum performance and idyllic luxury. With state-of-the-art designs like the new 8X model, the French company is a favorite of passengers and pilots alike.


By Adrian Pingstone – Own work, Public Domain,

While perhaps best known for its production of the E170 and E145 jets, a common choice of regional airlines in North America, Embraer also offers an increasingly popular fleet of business jets. A relatively newer name in the business jet sector, the Phenom and Legacy jets are becoming an efficient and exciting new option on the market today. 


By Sergey Ryabtsev –, GFDL 1.2,

In just the last 15 years, the small-but-mighty HondaJet has snagged a corner on the business jet market. While it seats just 7 passengers and crew, it’s a favorite jet for short-haul flights. The company continues to produce exciting new models, such as the recently released HondaJet Elite.  


By Stephan Widmer – 15.06.17_0326, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Building off the rave reviews of the single-engine turbine PC-12 from both pilots and passengers, Pilatus recently introduced their first jet, the PC-24. Known for its excellent efficiency, maximum comfort, and user-friendly cockpit layout and technology, the company continues to challenge the popular names on the market. The PC-24 is one of the few jets able to land and takeoff on unpaved surfaces, expanding the airport options for consumers.  

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