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Buying Your First Airplane

Whether you have 10 or 10,000 hours in your logbook, every pilot dreams of the day they’ll own an aircraft. The thought of flying your airplane whenever and wherever you want is very appealing. Getting to know your aircraft is one of the great things about being a pilot. If you’re a student or recently…

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Insure Your Aircraft For the Right Amount

Determining the right amount to insure your aircraft for isn’t straightforward. If you over-insure or under-insure the value, you’re going to be paying more both ways. Aircraft insurance policies are not like car insurance policies in the way you value the asset. Aircraft insurance policies are ‘stated value’ policies, which means the insurance company values…

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It’s time to apply for an AOPA scholarship!

Apply for an AOPA scholarship by May 2nd If you could benefit from an extra boost to your flight training funding, why not apply for an AOPA scholarship? If you want to earn your private pilot’s license, unfortunately, you need more than simply drive and ambition to fulfill your dream. Flight training comes at a…

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Flight Training Financing

As many who dream of becoming a pilot are aware, ways to finance your flight school dreams are few and far between. However, there’s good news on the way: just this morning, AOPA announced a new program being offered through its financing counterpart, AOPA Aviation Finance Co. This unique program offers flight training financing up to…

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