College Programs at CTI Professional Flight Training

Students: Check out our College Programs at CTI Professional Flight Training

There are various routes to become a commercial pilot, but our college programs at CTI Professional Flight Training can give you the very best prospects for a successful career ahead.

Read on to find out about our college programs at CTI Professional Flight Training and how they can give you an advantage other programs might not!

Why a College Program at CTI Professional Flight Training?

Even though commercial pilots don’t always need a degree, you’ll find yourself at a distinct advantage if you have one. The majority of major airlines both nationwide and internationally only recruit pilots with degrees, so if you want to fly with the very best, a college program in conjunction with your degree study could be the start of everything.

It’s not just about your future employer though. If you undertake an approved bachelor’s degree program, you’ll gain 500 flight hours which can go towards your Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) certificate. Beyond that, an associate’s degree program can give you an additional 250 flight hours towards your ATP. In all, it’s an excellent opportunity to set yourself well on the path to the highest qualification in commercial aviation.

Customized to your schedule

So what is it about our college programs that make them so popular with our students?

One of our programs’ best elements is the flexibility they offer.

We know how demanding and varied degree programs can be, so that’s why we customize your flight training schedule around your specific career needs and your college timetable. We’re only able to offer this due to the extensive fleet and team of flight instructors we have at both our Tennessee and Florida flight schools – helping you to earn the qualifications you need for your specific journey.

Two of the possible programs you can undertake are our College Summer Program and the Express College Program – both of which have proved very popular with our students to date and could be the gateway to your new career.

The CTI PFT College Summer Program

Our College Summer Program has been formulated to offer you all you need for the certifications you need, all within the 9 or 10 weeks of your summer break. Begin in the summer after your high school graduation, and you’ll have your private pilot’s license by the time you enroll as a freshman.

Over the next four summers, you can add to your growing list of flight certifications, with the potential of becoming a certified flight instructor at the end of your senior year!

Even better, with a time commitment of only about 10 hours a week, you’ll still have plenty of time for anything else you want to fit into your summer break.

The CTI PFT Express College Program

If your ambitions lie in earning those certifications more quickly, the Express College Program could be for you. Essentially, you could find yourself qualified as a certified flight instructor by the end of your sophomore year – giving you the chance to earn money throughout your junior and senior years by teaching others (not to mention adding to your flight hours)!

So how do we do it? Well, by investing an extra 2-3 hours of time into your training (one more hour in the week, and 1-2 hours at the weekend), you’ll earn your certifications more quickly, without missing out on your summer.

Getting started on one of our College Programs at CTI Professional Flight Training

It couldn’t be easier to get started on one of our college programs. You can apply today online, or get in touch to ask us any questions you may have.

So use your degree study to your best advantage with us, and you’ll soon be on your way to a flying career!