Flying in fall: Why we love it!

flying in fall

Top reasons why flying in fall is loved by us all

As another month passes, October arrives, and the leaves continue to turn, we wanted to celebrate all that’s good about flying in fall. Sure, flying aircraft is a great thing to do all year round – but what’s so special about taking to the skies right now?

Cooler temperatures

Although we love the summer for its long days and great weather, we have to admit – it can get a little hot at our flight schools! Whether you’re learning to fly down in Florida at our Fort Lauderdale School or our Memphis flight school at Millington Regional Jetport, the slight dip in temperature that comes with the fall certainly brings some relief as well.

It means we can finally carry out our pre-flight safety checks without the sun beating down on us harshly. It also makes climbing into the cockpit a much more comfortable experience!

Less turbulence

The drop in temperatures also brings a drop in convective activity, meaning you’re less likely to experience turbulence as you fly at this time of year.

Now, of course, turbulence can still occur for a range of reasons – including frontal activity and mechanical sources – but convection is the main culprit in the summer. So flying in fall means you have a lower risk of encountering that kind of turbulence – which is great news for both novice and experienced flyers!

The crisp air

There’s something quite magical about the crisp, fresh air that comes with the fall. Walking out across the airfield with a slight chill in the air, but with the sun still shining above you, is all part of the adventure when you’re flying in fall. Maybe it’s the childhood memories of nights drawing in, hot chocolate and Halloween, or the lure of Thanksgiving and Christmas later down the line?

The views!

There’s no denying it – the sight of the trees wearing their fall colors is something simply stunning. As green gives way to gold, red, yellow and brown, we’re treated to some of the most incredible color shows Nature has to offer.

What’s more, we have the added luxury and privilege of seeing it all from above! So as you scale the skies at this time of year, don’t forget to take a moment to look down and marvel at the myriad of color below. It’s just one more reason why flying in fall is such a special thing to do.

If you’re tempted to see the world from a whole new perspective at this time of year, why not learn to fly at one of our flight schools? Book your Discovery Flight now to experience flying in the fall for yourself. We promise you it’s worth it!

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