learn to fly while still in college

Learn to fly while still in college for the best of both worlds!

Did you know it’s possible to learn to fly while still in college? It is at CTI Professional Flight Training, with our two bespoke programs designed especially for students who want to earn their wings while they earn a degree!

Why learn to fly?

There’s never been a better time to learn to fly. Statistics suggest an unbelievable 87 new pilots need to be trained every day over the next 20 years, just to replace the number of soon-to-be-retired pilots and satisfy the growing demand on airlines!

Training as a pilot involves a lower financial investment than other professions, yet brings you a similar – if not higher – salary return in the long run. You get to travel all over the country, and even across the world, and the view from your office beats any on the ground!

Why earn a degree?

Most major airlines prefer their pilots to have a degree, so a college education could serve you very well if you want to go into aviation.

What’s more, it can even put you a step ahead on the road to the coveted Captain’s seat! Approved Bachelor’s degree programs can give you 500 “credit” hours towards your Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) Certificate, while approved Associate’s degree programs can earn you up to 250 “credit” hours.

Learn to fly while still in college at CTI!

We understand your time is precious when you’re studying in college. With classes, deadlines, and a social life to enjoy, there might not be much time left for flying! That’s why our two routes – designed especially for those in full-time college education – provide the flight training you need while you make the most of college.

CTI College Summer Program

Make the most of your summer break by learning to fly! Our CTI College Summer Program features 9-10 week sessions, giving you all the necessary training to become a certified pilot. By the end of your senior year, you’ll qualify as a Certified Flight Instructor, and will only need one more year of training to fulfill all your ATP requirements!

Even better, you’ll only need to commit 10 hours a week to your training, so you’ll still have lots of time left to make the very most of your summer.

CTI Express College Program

Our CTI Express College Program is very similar to our Summer Program but features additional training time throughout the year for quicker qualification. And with only an extra hour during the week and 1-2 hours to invest at the weekend, you’ll still have plenty of time for all your college commitments.

You’ll qualify as a Certified Flight Instructor at the end of your sophomore year (meaning you can earn money by teaching others during your summer breaks!), and will be ready to achieve your ATP requirements just six months after graduation!

See? It is that easy to learn to fly while still in college. To build the skills for a career in aviation after graduation, download our handy guide, or get in touch for more information.

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