Skyview Panoramic

The Skyview Panoramic: the world’s largest airplane window

When Boeing announced the coming of the Skyview Panoramic – the world’s largest airplane window – just how big do you think it is? With a standard passenger jet window measuring approximately 9in x 15in, you might expect the Skyview Panoramic to be – what? 1ft x 2ft…?

Think again. In fact, the world’s largest airplane window, when it is released next year, will be an enormous 4.5ft x 1.5 ft! That’s the width of a regular car windshield and roughly two-thirds the height!

This incredible window was developed for Boeing by Fokker Technologies. It promises to give passengers the most sensational views they will ever experience from 35,000ft in the air – but, unsurprisingly, will only feature in luxurious corporate planes for now.

Where will you find the Skyview Panoramic?

The models earmarked to feature the Skyview Panoramic include the Boeing Business Jet (BBJ), BBJ2 and BBJ Max. The oversized windows can also be retrofitted to existing corporate jets if their owners so wish, and are designed to integrate anywhere in the cabin.

Currently, the world’s largest cabin windows are found in the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Despite an impressive 0.9ft x 1.5ft, they’re nothing compared to the huge Skyview Panoramic. However, designing a window of this size which is also suitable for high altitude travel is no mean feat. It’s the result of expert design, engineering, and carefully applied innovative technology.

The next stage in luxury cabins

The Skyview Panoramic is just one of many opulent, desirable and expensive features owners can commission in their private jets. In fact, there’s a long line of jaw-dropping features you could find in luxury cabins today – all of which aim to stand out from the crowd and go that one step further in luxury travel! How about finding some of these in your private jet?

  • Domed ceilings which change color to simulate the rising sun
  • A “living wall” of plants
  • Sliding doors for business class passengers (soon to feature in Delta aircraft)
  • An underfloor heating system
  • A 30-seat dining room
  • Built-in wardrobes
  • Hardwood floors and hand-tufted carpets

Pretty spectacular! And yes, all of these are genuine examples of extra features in real private jets. It seems the only limit is the owner’s imagination – and budget!

You may not have enough money in the bank for a luxury private jet (with or without the Skyview Panoramic!), but you can certainly make money by flying one! Thinking of a career as a commercial pilot? Get in touch with us today.

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