Would you pilot one of the world’s longest flights?

world's longest flights

The world’s longest flights

Once you’ve finished your flight training at CTI Professional Flight Training and you’re a certified commercial pilot, you could find yourself piloting one of the world’s longest flights! Working as a pilot doesn’t just mean short hops around the country – here are the top ten longest flight routes in the world:

  1. Doha to Auckland (9,032) miles

Fly for Qatar Airways, and you could be taking the cockpit for the longest passenger route in the world! The mother of them all, this route was launched in February of this year and flies passengers from the Qatari capital of Doha all the way to Auckland in New Zealand. If you make this flight one day, get ready for a journey time of 16 hours and 10 minutes!

  1. Dubai to Auckland (8,824 miles)

Again terminating in Auckland, New Zealand, but this time departing from Dubai, this Emirates flight takes the second spot on the list of the world’s longest flights. It’s been running since March 2016 and takes a cool 16 hours and 5 minutes in total.

  1. Sydney to Dallas (8,578 miles)

Take a trip from Sydney down under – home of the famous Opera House and Harbour Bridge – and head to Dallas, Texas for a journey time of 15 hours and 25 minutes. This passenger route, provided by Australian airline Qantas, has proved popular since it launched in September 2014.

  1. San Francisco to Singapore (8,446 miles)

A flight to the ever popular Singapore from The Golden City will take you 17 hours and 15 minutes. This fourth-longest flight in the world is provided by two airlines – United Airlines and Singapore Airlines – both of which began running this route in 2016.

  1. Atlanta to Johannesburg (8,439 miles)

Pack your bags for a 15-hour-and-15-minute flight to Jo’Burg – one of South Africa’s most popular tourist destinations – from Georgia’s hub airport of Atlanta. This Delta route has been in existence since June 2009 and proves popular with tourists, honeymooners, and business passengers.

  1. Abu Dhabi to Los Angeles (8,390 miles)

Abu Dhabi has grown ever more popular with tourists seeking to experience the sights, sounds, and culture of the United Arab Emirates’ capital. That’s why Etihad’s service from LAX, taking 16 hours and 45 minutes, has had much use since coming into existence in June 2014.

  1. Dubai to Los Angeles (8,339 miles)

A flight between these two magical cities – perfect for sun-seekers who like a touch of luxury – takes the seventh spot on this list, and takes 16 hours and 15 minutes in total. Passengers have been using this Emirates route since October 2008 – so it’s certainly in demand!

  1. Jeddah to Los Angeles (8,332 miles)

Saudia runs this next route on the list, flying passengers between Los Angeles and the Saudi Arabia hub of Jeddah. As well as being a commercial hub, Jeddah is also the gateway for pilgrims to Mecca and Medina, who have taken this 16-hour-and-40-minute flight since March 2014.

  1. Doha to Los Angeles (8,306 miles)

Again, Los Angeles and Doha make the list, with a flight that takes 16 hours and 15 minutes between the two popular cities. This is a relatively new route, having only been made available by Qatar Airways since January 2016.

  1. Dubai to Houston (8,168 miles)

The final flight on the list of the world’s longest flights takes 16 hours and 45 minutes and flies passengers from Dubai to Houston, Texas. Again provided by Emirates, this popular business and tourism route has been running since December 2007 – the oldest on the list!

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