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Records in flight

Gulfstream G650 breaks a new world record

Gulfstream G650

Gulfstream G650 in new speed record You might think a flight from New York to Dubai might take some time, but not if you’re flying a Gulfstream G650! Last week, this small-but-mighty business jet broke world records when it flew from Teterboro, NJ to the United Arab Emirates in 11 hours and two minutes. That’s…

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The world’s longest non-stop flight lands in New York

the world's longest non-stop flight

The world’s longest non-stop flight took to the air this week Did you know the world’s longest non-stop flight took to the skies this week? Departing from Singapore on Thursday 11 October, and landing at Newark on Friday 12 October, the mammoth 16,700km trip made headlines around the world. The Singapore Airlines flight is, in…

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Records in Flight: Record-breaking range

record-breaking range

Record-breaking range Do you know which aviators have made history for their record-breaking range? If not, we’re about to tell you! Since the Wright Brothers made their first flight in 1903, humankind has been competing to push aviation faster, higher – and further. Although most records have focused on speed, range is one of those…

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Would you pilot one of the world’s longest flights?

world's longest flights

The world’s longest flights Once you’ve finished your flight training at CTI Professional Flight Training and you’re a certified commercial pilot, you could find yourself piloting one of the world’s longest flights! Working as a pilot doesn’t just mean short hops around the country – here are the top ten longest flight routes in the…

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Records in Flight: The Cross-America Airspeed Record

Cross-America Airspeed Record

The Cross-America Airspeed Record From west to east, the USA spans an incredible 2,680 miles, with thousands of passengers making this trip every day.  What’s more, countless aviators have fought to break the Cross-America Airspeed Record by flying this route in the fastest time possible – an ultimate test of engineering and endurance. The first…

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