Radio Etiquette for Pilots

FAA Safety Briefing Editor, general aviation pilot, and flight instructor Susan K. Parson recently published a list called “Rules for Radio” that spells out proper and incorrect radio etiquette when you’re communicating to air traffic controllers. These tips are incredibly valuable for student pilots or those struggling with ATC communications. So, here’s a list of…

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The History of Flight Simulation Games

The use of computers for flight simulation started in the 1960s and became universal in the 1980s. In the beginning, these simulators were only available on high-end systems, but as the personal computer grew, flight simulator quickly became mainstream and accessible to the public. Today, flight simulation can be experienced via popular video game consoles…

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5 Things to Do Before Flight School

So you’re ready to get your pilot’s license and join the exciting world of aviation. Congratulations! Few things in life equal the thrill of flying. Whether you’re pursuing a career as a commercial pilot, or just getting your private license for leisure, there are some things you should do before you start your training. They…

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Make the most of your Christmas in Memphis!

Christmas in Memphis

Are you spending Christmas in Memphis? Many of our students at our Tennessee flight school will be spending Christmas in Memphis this year. It’s little surprise, really; some call Memphis their hometown already, while others are students from abroad who’ll be spending the holidays here! If it’s your first Christmas in Memphis, we’ve gathered together…

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Things to do in Memphis this fall

things to do in Memphis this fall

Check out these things to do in Memphis this fall! If you’re learning to fly at our Tennessee flight school, you might be scratching your head for things to do in Memphis this fall. After all, all work and no play is no fun for anybody – so why not relax with these great things…

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