Records in Flight: Record-breaking range

record-breaking range

Record-breaking range Do you know which aviators have made history for their record-breaking range? If not, we’re about to tell you! Since the Wright Brothers made their first flight in 1903, humankind has been competing to push aviation faster, higher – and further. Although most records have focused on speed, range is one of those…

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Heroes in Flight: the Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers

The Wright Brothers – the first flight You’ve no doubt heard of the Wright Brothers, widely recognized as the first men to take flight (despite some contest for the title!).  But how much do you know about that first flight, or the build-up to that historic day? Growing up Two of seven children, Wilbur was the…

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Heroes in Flight: Alberto Santos-Dumont

Alberto Santos-Dumont

Alberto Santos-Dumont With the Rio Olympics well underway, how many CTI PFT students spotted a Hero in Flight at the Opening Ceremony? As the Maracanã Stadium played host to a retelling of Brazil’s history, one segment saw white boxes pieced together to form a plane which flew out of the stadium.  But what was the…

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