the world's busiest airports

The World’s Busiest Airports

If you’re training for your commercial pilot’s license at CTI Professional Flight Training, it might not be long before you’re coming in to land at some of the world’s busiest airports! But do you know what they are?  Here are the rankings for 2017!

  1. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport

Just a 75-minute flight from our Tennessee campus, Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport tops the list. And with 207 domestic and international gates, and an incredible 104,171,935 passengers passing through its terminals last year, you can easily see why.  It’s also the central hub for Delta Airlines, and is popular with many of the country’s low-cost carriers.

  1. Beijing Capital International Airport

Located in Chaoyang-Shunyi, Beijing Capital International Airport has topped the list in previous years. It’s famous for having the second largest terminal in the world and covers an immense 1480 acres of land. And with 94,393,000 passengers last year, it’s the busiest airport in Asia.

  1. Dubai Airport

With nearly 1700 flights per week operated from Dubai Airport, it’s no surprise it takes third place on this list.  Based in Al Garkoud, Dubai Airport is also well known for its Terminal 3, which is the world’s second-largest building by floor and space.

  1. Chicago O’Hare International Airport

Chicago O’ Hare operates flights to 153 domestic and 57 international destinations, and in 2014, held the record for the number of take-offs and landings. 77,960,588 passengers passed through Chicago O’Hare International Airport last year alone.

  1. Tokyo International Airport

One of the newest on the list, Tokyo International Airport only opened in 2010.  Also known as Haneda Airport, it’s located in Ota, Tokyo.  The Japanese government regulated its use for premium business flights, 72,826,862 passengers passed through its gates in 2016.

  1. Heathrow International Airport

Operating over 88 airlines to 185 destinations in 84 countries, Heathrow International Airport is the busiest in Europe. Based in Hillingdon, just outside London, it’s also known for having its own press corps, complete with an on-the-ground TV crew.

  1. Los Angeles International Airport

The only airport to appear in the top five airports in the US for both cargo and passenger traffic, Los Angeles Airport saw 697,138 individual aircraft operations last year. “The Gateway of the Pacific Rim”, the airport is also known for having four parallel runways!

  1. Hong Kong International Airport

With over 100 airlines operating to 180 cities, as well as 65,000 employees, Hong Kong International Airport comes in at Number 8.  70,502,000 passengers flew through Hong Kong last year – 2 million more than in 2015.

  1. Charles de Gaulle Airport

Based in Paris, Charles de Gaulle Airport is Europe’s second busiest, as well as France’s largest airport.  It was deliberately located on the city outskirts when it was built in 1966 so that it could be expanded over time. It accommodated 65,933,145 passengers in 2016.

  1. Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

The last spot on the list is taken by Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, which accommodated 65,670,697 passengers last year.  With 214 destinations, Dallas-Fort Worth is so large, the airport even has its own zip code!

Could you see yourself passing through these iconic airports in the future? And not as a passenger – but as a pilot? Find out more about starting your commercial pilot’s license today!

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