United announce the longest ever route from US

United announce the longest flight route

History will be made as United announce the longest ever route of a US airline

Just weeks after we took a look at the world’s longest flight routes, yesterday’s news saw United announce the longest ever route offered by a US airline will be operated by them from this coming fall.

Not only that, but this route could also clinch the title of the longest flight in the world in terms of time taken.

From October 27, United are expected to offer a non-stop flight from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) to Changi Airport (SIN) in Singapore. The flight (a distance of 8,770 miles) will take nearly 18 hours – 17 hours and 55 minutes to be exact!

Currently, the longest flight offered by any US airline is from San Francisco to Singapore – also operated by United and taking 17 hours and 15 minutes. However, the proposed departure from LA will add a further 40 minutes to the journey.

As United announce the longest ever route to be theirs (for now, at least), the airline’s vice-president, Patrick Quayle, described the accolade as “prestigious”. A Boeing 787-9 will fly the route, and it’s hoped that business travelers will find this new non-stop option particularly attractive.

But as flights become ever longer, will passengers become increasingly apprehensive? Apparently not, according to United’s research, as many passengers appreciate saving the time involved in making connections.

And what about the pilots? As United announce the longest ever route from the US, they’ll need a prepared team to take on a flight of this duration! Again, for those who enjoy long-haul flights and the chance to explore destinations far away from home, this could be an attractive prospect to many pilots out there.

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