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Why fly at CTI? Here are our top 5 reasons!

Why fly at CTI? When choosing a flight school, it’s an important question to ask!  There are many flight schools out there, but here’s why CTI Professional Flight Training should be at the top of your list:

  1. We’re one of the best-kept

    secrets when it comes to flight schools

Some flight schools spend lots of money on advertising or trying to attract their students with misleading pricing promises – and there’s no doubt it gets them attention!  However, at CTI Professional Flight Training, we take a different approach.  We focus instead on offering unique training at affordable prices, and as a result, have been quietly turning hundreds of pilots out of our Florida and Tennessee flight schools for nearly 30 years.

  1. Learn to fly in brand new aircraft

When you learn to fly at CTI Professional Flight Training, you can look forward to training in our brand new Diamond DA20 C1 Eclipse!  Not only is it more comfortable and economical than the older aircraft you might find at other flight schools, but it also means you can learn the latest technology to see you through your future career.  And if you train at our Memphis location, you can also earn your multi-engine license in our Diamond DA42 NG!

  1. Gain world-class training to start your career with success

Our company, Crew Training International, has trained elite crews for over twenty years, producing pilots for NATO, the US Navy, Army and Marines, and Lockheed Martin.  We draw on that experience to provide training that prepares you for any career in aviation.  Our trainees benefit from the best of flight simulation, civilian flight training, and military-style flight training, making them well-rounded and desirable pilots.

  1. Training like none other

As a flight school with self-examining authority, we can examine our students, meaning they don’t need to wait for FAA Examiners to fit them into their schedules!  Moreover, if you’re studying the commercial flight training program, you can build as many as 10 hours as a safety pilot at CTI – which in turn makes our flight school safer and even more affordable!

  1. A personalized approach for you

Every student at CTI Professional Flight Training is an individual, and as such we tailor your training to you, your needs, and your ambitions.  Want to brush up your skills? No problem!  Want a career in aviation but have never flown before? We’ll help you!  With such a diverse range of courses and add-ons, our flexible approach adapts to everyone.  We even offer a specialized curriculum to meet foreign country requirements.

So why fly at CTI?  Surely this says it all!  Why not learn more about applying today?

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